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Our Community

Responsible Tourism Activities

We empower our neighboring community in several ways and you choosing to stay with us means you are as well giving back to community as some of the proceeds from the camps operations goes directly to community.

We invested in Private Community Concessions, Direct Benefits to land owners.

Zebra Plains Mara Camps operates all of its camps in private concessions bordering the famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve. These private concessions that we have built our camps are owned by community. By investing in their private lands, we ensure they get direct benefits from land lease fees and daily bed night fee that empowers them. We as well ensure the land is secured for wildlife movement and thus playing role as well in conservation.

Creation of employment for local Maasai People

We employ over 70% of the local Maasai People in our camps. We either take them through our internal training that will guarantee them permanent positions in our camps or they go secure jobs in other camps after finishing their training with us. We have sent a few on further training in Nairobi. Some of our top staff are the locals who have been with us for several years. Some are in Guiding, Laundry & Housekeeping, Food and Beverage service and in food production, Security and Maintenance. By employing locals, we are giving back to community and they appreciate our presence.

Payment of School fees

Zebra Plains sponsors over 50 children by paying their school fees for the less fortunate in the community. The children that we sponsor are from the families that lives not far from our camps. School’s management and Village elders will always select those who can’t afford to pay school fees then they hand over list to us and we help in payment of their school fees. We also very often help those who are in need to raise certain portion of the required fees for university educations. Some of our guests as well help in sponsorship of some children in the community. We believe in building of a better tomorrow by investing in education of the children around us.

Cultural Village visits and Guests Entertainment

When our guests stay with us mostly on their first visits to Maasai Mara, we encourage them to go visit Maasai village and get to learn about Maasai’s lifestyle, when they visit, we recommend them to pay a small entry fee and also purchase some of the items from the village. By doing so we ensure our guests get a memorable experience but also giving them direct benefits which in turns empowers them as they will use the money, they collect to buy food, pay school fees and buy clothing. This as well ensures there is preservation of culture for generations to come.

We invite Maasai dancers to our camps to entertain our guests with their beautiful songs, in a week we do over 5-10 songs depending on how busy we are and we pay for every song and thus ensuring all the locals around us as well benefits from our operations while they create memorable experiences for our guests

Purchase of some food items from the locals

Zebra Plains Camps employees over 100 Staff and we do over 80 % of their food purchases such as meats and milk from the Maasai and other food staff from the shopping center some kilometers away from the camps and this ensures we give back to community by supporting their businesses.

Leave a Positive Impact

One of our main goals is to ensure we always impact our neighboring community in a positive way and you choosing to stay with us means you are supporting us and you are leaving a positive impact as well.
Should you wish to help our community in any way while please get in touch with us through.

Or speak with the camp manager at any of our camps during your stay with us.