Zebra Plains Collection

Zebra Plains Collection consists of two luxury safari tented camps located in two premier safari destinations in Africa which are both in East Africa, Owned and run by a Kenyan with over 14 years of experience in safari guiding and game lodge management in Kenya and Tanzania.

The two camps are located in the protected areas where the famous tribe in Africa, The Maasai People live. Over 90% of the camp’s employees are from this indigenous tribe and it is here where we give you authentic and personalized service.

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Our Camps

Zebra Plains Mara Camp

Zebra Plains Mara Camp is in Maasai Game Reserve which is the best wildlife Park in Africa, home to the The Annual Great Migration of wildebeests and Zebras,abundant lions,cheetahs,leopards,elephants,giraffes,hippos and many other wildlife.It is Photographers most preferred game viewing park in the world.The camp has the best views of the Open plains of the Mara and is frequently visited by Many wildlife.Our camp’s set ups allows you to have a memorable stay and safari with us.


Zebra Plains Amboseli Camp

Zebra Plains Amboseli Camp is in Amboseli National Park which it is crowned by Mt.Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and world’s highest single free standing Mountain,also one of the earth’s 4th topographically prominent peak. It is here where it is the best place in Africa to see big herds of elephants upclose.Amboseli’s different ecosystems ranging from seasonal lake,swamps,open plains and woodlands supports several wildlife from Elephants,Lions,Cheetahs,Zebras,Giraffes,Hippos and over 450 species of birds,actually one of Kenya’s best birdwatching area.The camp has the best view of Mt.Kilimanjaro and yes with a water hole infront of the camp,wildlife will always visit the camp.The comfy set ups of our camp will give you best African safari experience.